Quick Japanese Breakfast in ₹150

breakfast day 1

Breakfast they say, is the first meal of the day. It is a meal eaten after a good night’s sleep and before undertaking the day’s hard work. And boy, was there some hard work (or rather traveling :P) to be done!

It was my first morning in Japan, and I was already running late to catch the train for some sight seeing. There was no time to eat breakfast at the hotel, and I had to find a quick (and affordable) solution. The savior was Seven Eleven, a famous convenient store chain throughout Japan (and even outside Japan). As I wandered through the isles of this small yet well stocked establishment, I wondered what would be a very “Japanese” thing to eat. And that is when my Japanese friend suggested I try out “Onigiri”, a Japanese snack of white rice wrapped in sea weed. Onigiri (read my post about how to open an onigiri here) comes with different types of fillings. As I am a vegetarian (yes I stayed vegetarian throughout my time in Japan and I do not speak Japanese!), I tried the pickle filing. Along with this samosa-looking Japanese snack, I picked up a packet of rice cake and a pack of strawberry smoothie.

This breakfast was convenient, fast and cheap. The picture above is taken on the platform of a train station in Kyoto, which is where I actually ate the breakfast. I liked it so much that I stuck to a similar selection of breakfast throughout my time in Japan.

The Seven Eleven store looks something like the image below and you can find a store using the store locator here (it says Seven Bank, but do not worry, a lot of these stores also have ATMs)

Seven Eleven

You can find the onigiri section of the store which will look something like the image below.

seven eleven onigiri 2


Items: Onigiri, Strawberry Smoothie, Rice Cake

Price: ₹75 (120 yen japanese) for each item

Location: Seven Eleven Store (located throughout Japan)

Type: Convenient Store

How to get there: By foot

Language: Mostly Japanese (some employees may speak English sometimes)


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