The subway of Kyoto

kyoto map

                    (Kyoto Subway System Map)

Getting around in Kyoto is not very hard. One convenient intra-city travel option is the subway. There are various lines marked with different colours. The one that I used the most is the Karasuma line marked in green. This line runs along the karasuma dori (dori means road or street in Japanese). Karasuma dori runs north to south through the heart of the city. Whether you are walking or taking the subway, going along karasuma dori helps, because a lot of the attractions in Kyoto are located on either side of this main road.

ticket counter kyoto

                  (Ticket Machine and Route Fare prices)

subway ticket

                                        (Train ticket)

At the station and inside the train, various stations on the karasuma line are each marked with a number such as K09, K10, K11, K12, etc. At every station, there is a ticket machine with an overhead map. You have to see which station you want to go to, and what number it is. Next to that number or station, there will be a number which is the yen amount of the price of a ticket. Next, you go to the ticket machine and push the button for that amount of the desired station and you get your ticket. Please hold on to this ticket and DO NOT throw it or misplace it, as you will need to feed this ticket to a machine when exiting your destination station.

kyoto timetable

                              (Time Table on platform)

karasuma line

                                     (Karasuma Line)

On every platform of the subway, there is a board with a timetable on it. This timetable has a bunch of numbers like 13, 25, 40 written on them. This basically means that the train comes every hour at 13 mins, 25 mins and 40 mins. For example, if I reached the station at 10 am, then the next train will arrive at 10:13 am, then at 10:25 am, then at 10:40 am and so on. Transport in Japan indeed runs like clockwork.


Ticket Price: varies from ₹130 onwards (210 yen japanese onwards)

Location: All over Kyoto

Type: Transport – rail/subway

How to get there: use google maps, Kyoto Subway Map , a tourist map from your hotel

Language: mostly Japanese, but some officers will speak English at most stations



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