A sushi meal made from vegetables (no fish or meat, 100% vegetarian)

A city within the city of Tokyo, Roppongi Hills is an upcoming business/entertainment district. Nestled inside the Roppongi shopping mall is a very unique restaurant called Potager Vegetable Sushi. The key theme of this stylish eatery is seasonal fresh vegetables. Every item on the menu is made of vegetables, all sourced from local farms. The restaurant claims on its website that it actually goes to the fields where each vegetable is grown, in order to source its ingredients.

Once the sourcing is done, the food preparation and presentation is just pure art. The menu has mostly set courses, which means if you get the set course, the items in it will be predetermined for that day by the head chef. I recommend going for one of the set courses, as it will allow you to truly experience the creativity of the chef. So sit back, and allow the folks at Potager Sushi to treat you with some of their innovative combinations of various tastes. I never imagined that vegetables could be put to such a good use.

I could go on and on about my experience, but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And the pictures below will give you a sense of what I probably could not have communicated even in 10,000 words.

sushi potager 7

sushi potager 8

In the set course, first comes a serving of Miso soup. My miso soup came in a fancy bowl and no, there is no dashi or fish broth in the miso soup. It is often extremely rare to find miso soup (or any soup for that matter) which does not have dashi in it. Except Vegetable Sushi Potager of course, which gave me a completely vegetarian miso soup.

sushi potager 5

For those who like to have some liquid with their meal, the Japanese Oolong Tea went very well with the meal and also offered a somewhat more traditional Japanese touch to a very contemporary style of serving food.

Next came the real deal, the first of two platters of “sushi” made from vegetables. Each of the two platters had 5 items, so a total of 10 items were served in the fixed course. Description of each platter is given below the image.

sushi potager 1

(Right to left) – Black rice topped with an onion and broccoli paste with black olive sauce, Pumpkin and rice with balsamic vinegar, Marinated cucumber with rice in sea weed, Baked Gobo root topped with plum sauce with black rice underneath, japanese cream cheese with lemon sauce wrapped inside sea weed.

Platter 2 (see description below)

sushi potager 2

(Right to left) – Leek cooked with sesame sauce with rice underneath, steamed tomato with tomato sauce and mozzarella, tomato with curry sauce sour cream and spice jeri, eringi mushroom with rice, carrot hummus wrapped inside sea weed.

sushi potager 6

All of the meals were prepared in the kitchen located at the center of the restaurant room. The restaurant has two types of seating, a bar style seating and a table and chair type of seating. I chose to sit on the bar style seating as it was the area surrounding the kitchen. I could see all of my food being prepared from there. Watching them gather one ingredient after another and infuse everything into delightful bites makes you even more hungry.


sushi potager 4

All the desserts were made of vegetables.

sushi potager 3

You get to chose one of three choices of desserts for the set course meal. The three choices when I visited were Tomato Green Shortcake, Seasonal Vegetable Pudding with Ice Cream, and my choice, coconut and sesame biscuit with lily root blancmange and pineapple sauce. A perfect end to an unforgettable experience.


Items: Lunch (or Dinner), Set Course with Dessert, Japanese Oolong Tea

Price: ₹2000 (around 3500 yen japanese) all inclusive

Location: Roppongi Keyakizaki Dori, Roppongi Hills (it is a mall), 6-9-1-1F, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Telephone: 03-3497-8822)

Type: Fine Dining Restaurant

How to get there: Get to Roppongi Station by subway (I took the grey Hibiya line) and then walk through the Roppongi mall and see the map inside the mall

Language: At least 1 person will speak decent English


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