Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

A 500 meter pathway frequented by the nobility and aristocrats of 9th century Japan, Arashiyama bamboo grove is a place of beauty and tranquility. In a scenic backdrop of the Arashiyama mountains, the bamboo trees sway as the breeze cuts through them. It is a very unique atmosphere, as the sun shines on the trees and yet there was a shade while I was walking. Going to this place very early in the morning when there is no crowd of people would feel surreal. If there was an arrangement to sit in the area, then this place would be one of the best meditation spots ever. The pictures below give you a glimpse of this amazing space:

arashiyama 5

                                      (Bamboo Grove)

arashiyama 4

                                    (Bamboo Grove Pathway)

arashiyama 2

                                             (Bamboo Trees)

arashiyama 1

                                     (Bamboo tree trunk)

arashiyama 3

                           (Looking up at the sky, through the forest)

arashiyama 6

                                  (Sunshine through the trees)


Items: Arashiyama Bamboo Grove/Park

Price: Free entry

Location: Outside Arashiyama (bamboo park)

Type: Tourist/Nature

How to get there: Take the JR Sagano line from Kyoto station to Saga Arashiyama station, and then walk 15 minutes. Groves are west from station and north of the Togetsukyo bridge.

Language: Japanese speaking locals

Also visit: Tenryuji Temple, Togetsukyo Bridge (all within walking distance)


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