Binhai Road, Dalian

Binhai Lu (滨海路) or Binhai road is a winding 35 km stretch of winding coastal road along the southern edge of the beautiful Chinese city of Dalian. Traveling on this road feels similar to driving on the famous Pacific Highway along the west coast of the US. Some sites like wikitravel have even compared BinHai Lu to the Corniche of the French Riviera. While Dalian is certainly not as glamorous as the French Riviera, the inhabitants of this port city in northern China consider Binhai Lu as one of its proudest possessions. Upon the recommendation of Dalian locals, I decided to check out this scenic road on one Sunday morning. I recommend going here in summer on a clear day, as there is a lot of landscape/scenery to look at. If you feel adventurous, then jog or bike on this road. I personally took a taxi as it was winter time and the air was freezing cold. There are different sections of this road such as north, east, west and middle road which all lead to diffeent beaches/parks and offer different view points. Read this page for more information on those options. The pictures below were taken on the west Binhai road or Binhai Xi Lu.


                            (view from the road, looking south)


             (I took a taxi as it was winter time and freezing cold)


                                                      (Binhai road)


                                       (waters of the Yellow Sea)


                    (one of the many viewing points on the road)


                                           (a great picnic spot)


                                     (waters of the Yellow Sea)


                                                  (looking south)


                       (going uphill from Xinghai square area)


                                               (roadside sculptures)


                                            (roadside statue)


                 (Hotel Castle by starwood hotels on top of the hill)

binhai area map

                                          (area map of Binhai road)


Items: A visit to Binhai Lu or Binhai Road (滨海路)

Price: Free, though taxi cost may be as per time used or distance traveled.

Location: Binhai Road, Zhongshan District, Dalian 116001, China

Type: Nature/Adventure

How to get there: Get to Xinghai square, Tiger beach or Fu’s estate by car or Dalian city bus.

Language: Mandarin speaking only, you can come either with a Chinese friend/guide or on your own.

Also visit: Xinghai square, Laohutan Ocean Park


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