Xinghai Square, Dalian

Considered the largest city square in the world, Xinghai Square (星海广场) or Xinghai Guangchang is the biggest and most popular square in Dalian, China. The English meaning of Xinghai is “Sea of Stars”, as this square literally looks like a star when seen from above (see google maps). Dalian is considered the city of squares, and visitors, who are spoiled for choices of squares in this city, can look to Xinghai Square as the one with the most sightseeing options. You can hang out by the yellow sea and feel the breeze, try a traditional sugar coated strawberry snack, go to one of the many beaches nearby, have pigeons sit on your arm while you feed them seeds, experience one of the few rides in a mini amusement park (summer only), try skating with some roller blades, take tons of pictures by busting out creative and humorous poses with various sculptures, or take a jog on nearby Binhai Road. And if that is not enough, there are amazing fireworks during Chinese New Year night at Xinghai Square. Pictures below were taken during the winter season:


                              (center of Xinghai Square)


                                           (vast open space at the square)


                                             (a very clean design)


                     (flowers along the square complex sidewalk)


                             (the fresh breeze of the yellow sea)


                          (a very kind man selling snacks on his bicycle)


                            (sugar coated strawberry snack)


                       (picture spot, you have to sit on the chair)


                  (statue made to celebrate Dalian’s Centenary Year)


                       (feeding some of the most friendly pigeons ever)


            (birds here do not fear humans and fearlessly come sit on your arm)


                     (feeding them seeds which you can buy at the square)


                        (can someone polish my shoe please?)


                      (You can pose as if you are skating with those kids!)


                     (ride at the “amusement park” – closed during winter)


                                     (boat swing)


                                     (the Xinghai Square bridge)


                      (The Starwood Group’s Castle Hotel in the background)


              (lighthouse by the yellow sea)


                                           (view from the bridge)

xinghai square map

                    (Dalian map with Xinghai Square location)


Items: A visit to Xinghai Square or Xinghai Guangchang (星海广场)

Price: No entry fee, buying snacks, hiring roller blades may cost extra – their price varies.

Location: Shahekou District, Dalian 116023, China (see map above)

Type: Nature/Cultural/Tourist

How to get there: Dalian city bus #15, #23 goes from Zhongshan Square.

For detailed Dalian and City Bus map click here.

For tourist map of Dalian with various attractions, click here.

Language: Mandarin speaking only, you might meet other visitors who speak English.

Also visit: Binhai Road, Laohutan Ocean Park, various beaches nearby

Notes: If visiting Xinghai Square in winter, please layer up with warm clothes, can get windy/chilly. There are amazing lights and fireworks during Chinese New Year night at this square.


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