Relaxing in downtown Chicago

Chicago on a summer day can be a very scenic and pleasant place. The windy city is already famous for its brilliant architecture and aesthetic building designs. But if you know the right places to go to, you can add another dimension to your experience in Chicago. Below are 8 things that you can do to relax or “take it easy” under the bright sunshine.

# 1

Start the morning at one of the best breakfast places in Chi-town, Wildberry Pancakes.

Wildberry on East Randolph St. has a huge following, and rightly so, as it serves some incredible pancakes. They serve everything from Tiramisu and Oreo-S’more pancakes to Red Velvet french toast and waffles, egg dishes, etc. The serving size is HUGE (mine had 5 pancakes stacked on top of each other) and is sure to fill up the most voracious appetites. Just see the picture below and you will get a sense of what I mean.

relaxing chicago 1

# 2

Take a stroll along the Lake Shore Drive.

Full to the brim from eating all those pancakes, it is time to walk it off along Chicago’s scenic Lake Shore Drive.

relaxing chicago 2

                         (Buckingham fountain in the background)

relaxing chicago 3

                                            (Lake Front trail)

relaxing chicago 4

                               (Clear blue water of Lake Michigan)

# 3

Soak in the atmosphere and feed ducks in the lake.

During the morning time, there are people jogging, running, cycling, working out. Soak in the atmosphere. There are also many ducks swimming around the lake in summer time. You can take some bird food and feed them.

relaxing chicago 7

relaxing chicago 8

relaxing chicago 9

relaxing chicago 10

# 4

Take a nap or read a book under a tree.

As the food coma starts to kick in, it is time to experience nature in a rather pure form by taking a nap or reading your favorite novel under the cool shade of small trees along the Michigan Lake located on the Lake Front trail.

relaxing chicago 5

relaxing chicago 6

# 5

Visit Loyola University campus

Loyola University has its Chicago campus right on the lake shore. Take the red line subway train to Thorndale Station and walk north east to Loyola University campus. The campus has walking trails on the east side along the lake, which is a great place to experience the lakefront. This place is not very crowded either, so it allows you to relax in a calm setting.

relaxing chicago 11

                (Beautiful landscape at Loyola University campus)

relaxing chicago 12

relaxing chicago 13

                                (University library building)

relaxing chicago 14

                          (walkway of the campus along the lake)

# 6

Laze around at George Lane beach.

Though the downtown Chicago area has at least 4 beaches, the George Lane beach up north is relatively less crowded and calmer. Take in the sun and relax at this beach. It is a short walk from Thorndale Station on the red subway line.

relaxing chicago 15

          (view of George Lane beach from one of the high rises nearby)

relaxing chicago 16

relaxing chicago 17

# 7

Eat a Spiderman ice cream at the beach!

Just as in your childhood, enjoy a cool treat at the beach. They sell Spiderman shaped ice creams here!

relaxing chicago 18

# 8

Take a dip in the water

The lake is normally freezing cold, but the water is warm enough in the summer time to take a dip.

relaxing chicago 19

relaxing chicago 20


relax chicago map 1

relax chicago map 2

relax chicago map 3

3 thoughts on “Relaxing in downtown Chicago

  1. That Spider-man ice cream brought back great childhood memories of running after the ice cream truck on a summer day. I always loved the popsicles with the bubble gum eyes!

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