Centro Histórico, Morelia

In the heart of Morelia, a Mexican city in the state of Michoacán, is the historic center of the city. There are an estimated 200 historic buildings in this area, mostly built with a certain kind of pink rock. Most of the streets were built in the 16th century by the Spanish, and are unaltered even today as they still follow the same routes. With so much history, walking around the Centro Historico feels like being transported back in time to the 16th century. The colonial architecture and the relaxed vibe of the city is great to experience, especially at night when the lights are on. You can read all about the history and details of this UNESCO World Heritage site here. Below are some pictures taken during the Christmas season on a night of walking around the city.

centro morelia1

       (The Morelia cathedral as seen from just outside city express hotel)

centro morelia2

                             (The famous Hotel Virrey De Mendoza)

centro morelia3

          (A joker performing various acts in a square next to the cathedral)

centro morelia4

                   (The Morelia cathedral bell tower)

centro morelia5

                  (Christmas celebration brought a festive atmosphere)

centro morelia6

       (Locals selling balloons for New Years cleebrations)

centro morelia7

(Centro Historico has lots of fancy restaurants in historic and old buildings)

centro morelia8

   (The courtyard behind the Morelia cathedral with a beautifully lit fountain)

centro morelia9

           (A great spot for a picture – Courtyard with fountain)

centro morelia10

                                  (Food joint along the street)

centro morelia11

(The streets here follow a special “checker-board pattern and run completely straight for kms, with few turns/curves)

centro morelia12

                 (Beautiful Spanish architecture on the cathedral)

centro morelia13

                                  (more architecture and design)

centro morelia14

                                        (The Palace of Justice)

centro morelia15

                                (Inner streets of the Centro Historico)

centro morelia16

                               (Bell tower and Christmas tree)

centro morelia17

(Chinese restaurant – Comida China means Chinese Food. La Casa del Bambu means The House of Bamboo)

centro morelia18

          (a very tall Christmas tree at Plaza Valladolid)

centro morelia19

          (Christmas decorations around the tree at Plaza de San Fransisco)

centro morelia20

               (The sewage lid is also fancy in the Centro Historico)

centro morelia21

                       (Amazing Artwork)

centro morelia22

            (Artwork on the unique pink stone)

centro morelia23

                               (More artwork)

centro morelia24

After all the walking, a great way to call it a night is to go to one of the fancy restaurants in the 400 year old structures and try out a very Mexican dessert called Flan. These restaurants serve some really amazing flan.

centro morelia25


Items: A walk in the Centro Historico, Morelia, Mexico.

Price: No Entry ticketfor walking around.

Hotel Nearby: The City Express hotel is a budget hotel chain in Mexico. Their hotel in Morelia is very good and in a perfect location, right next to the Cathedral.

Location: Morelia city, Michoacan state, Mexico.

Hotel location and Telephone: Portal Hidalgo 245, Centro, 58000 Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico ‎    +52 443 310 8400

Timings: Open all days.

Type: Historical/Cultural

How to get there: Taxi or Car.

Language: Mostly Spanish speaking, some waiters in the restaurant and people in the tourist office of the hotel may speak English.

Also visit: Mariposa Monarca butterfly migration.


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