The Tokyo Tower

At first, what might look like the Eiffel tower in Paris is actually a communications tower in Tokyo, and also the second tallest structure in all of Japan. The Eiffel-tower-inspired Tokyo Tower is a major tourist attraction, in addition to an antenna leasing structure for prominent Japanese media companies. While many people visit the Tokyo Sky Tree for viewing the Tokyo skyline and night lights, the Tokyo Tower is a great alternative. Not only do you get spectacular views of the city, but the waiting times are also much lesser than the typical 2.5 to 3 hour wait times of the Tokyo Sky Tree (especially during peak hours). It is recommended to visit the Zojo-ji Buddhist temple on the way to the Tokyo Tower, as it is not only an added attraction, but also offers some great views of the tower. The best time to visit the tower is at dusk, when the sun is just about setting down and the lights are slowly turning on. The tower has a range of attractions, which include a wax museum on the ground floor and two viewing observatories at 150m and 250m height. Do visit the 2nd observatory as you will not be disappointed.

There are 180 lights which light up the Tokyo Tower. And if you visit on Fridays, Saturdays and some national holidays from 8pm to 10 pm, you will see seven layers of different colors across the tower. More info here.


            (approaching the Tokyo Tower from the east side)


                                 (entrance of Zojo-ji temple)


                       (the grand gates of Zojo-ji temple)


   (Tokyo tower seen from the courtyard of Zojo-ji temple)


   (Tokyo tower seen from the courtyard of Zojo-ji temple)


                         (The main hall of Zojo-ji temple)

The Zojo-ji temple (official site) interestingly has a garden with a number of statues of small children that represent unborn, miscarried and stillborn children.


                           (Buddha statue)


    (Tokyo tower as seen from Zojo-ji temple)


        (standing right beneath the Tokyo Tower)


             (standing near the legs of the Tokyo Tower)


                              (Tokyo city lights)


                             (looking west towards Roppongi Hills)


                                            (looking South)


         (looking east with Rainbow bridge in the background)


                                          (looking North)

tokyo tower map

                                                      (area map)


Items: Tokyo Tower (official site)

Price: Around ₹488 or japanese yen 820 for main (first) observatory, ₹ 845 or japanese yen 1420 for first and second observatory combined. Wax museum charge extra.

Location: Tokyo Tower, 4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan

Telephone: +81 3-3433-5111   Timings: 9 am to 9 pm, open everyday

Type: Tourist/Photography/Observatory

How to get there: Take JR rail to Hamamatsucho station or Subway to Akabanebashi/Kamiyacho/Onarimon/Daimon stations. Then walk 5-10 mins. Alternative is walk west from Hinode pier for 20 mins.

Language: Mainly Japanese. May find English guide/ticket person.

Also visit: Zojo-ji temple, Hinode Pier


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