Casa Herradura Tequila Factory, Mexico

In the area surrounding the city of Tequila (yes there is a city named Tequila!) and a short drive from Guadalajara is a tequila distillery called Casa Herradura (translate: House of Herradura). This distillery produces various types of tequila, which is sold under one of the most famous tequila brands globally called Herradura. The spanish word Herradura means horseshoe. The story is that the second generation owner of this tequila business once found a horseshoe in the agave (plant from which tequila is made) fields. He kept it for good luck and named the tequila produced from his distillery after the horseshoe. The Romo family, founders of Herradura, have had the Casa Herradura distillery running for over a 100 years (first started in the 1870s), which makes it an institution of history, heritage and quality. Though sold to an American company in 2007, Casa Herradura still makes its tequila in the most traditional Mexican style, using 100% agave and no blending in its processes. If you want to understand Tequila, then this place is a must visit. You can read more about Tequila Herradura here or visit its official website.

casa herradura 1

(presence of the blue agave plants are a good indication that you are in the famous World-Heritage listed Tequila region of Mexico)

casa herradura 2

               (Road signs displaying Casa Herradura)

casa herradura 3

               (At the entrance of the famous Casa Herradura)

casa herradura 4

               (A short welcome note at the entrance)

casa herradura 5

(Cobbled pathway gives a feeling of the rural setting that the Tequila region is based in)

casa herradura 6

               (A church inside the Casa Herradura complex)

casa herradura 7

            (Lovely stain glass painting on the ceiling of the church)

casa herradura 8

                              (A 100 old  year distiller)

casa herradura 9

       (The tequila factory estate has a kitchen for cooking food)

casa herradura 10

(A chimney above the gas burner has 3000 unique tiles on it – every tile is different)

casa herradura 11

  (The area of the complex is so big, that you have to travel on ATVs)

casa herradura 12

                                 (The newly built factory)

casa herradura 13

   (The agave remains after the succulent core of the plant is removed)

casa herradura 14

               (The succulent core of the plant – piña, after it is baked)

casa herradura 15

(The core or piña is baked in the oven till its starch breaks down into sugars)

casa herradura 16

(A lab for doing genetic research and figuring out how to shorten the agave growth/ripening cycle)

casa herradura 17

 (This plant produces more than 18 million litres of tequila annually)

casa herradura 18

(Casa Herradura has become a popular stop on the tequila express train)

casa herradura 19

             (The baked piña is then processed in a modern looking distillery)

casa herradura 20

                    (A short explanation of the distillation process)

casa herradura 21

      (The famous old factory of the 1870s, now a museum)

casa herradura 22

    (An award recognizing the high quality distillation of Herradura complex)

casa herradura 23

                   (century old equipment for distillation)

casa herradura 24

         (a stone and wood based crushing equipment called Tahona)

casa herradura 25

    (Tequila was stored in underground storage vessels with large capacities)

casa herradura 26

                            (An underground storage vessel)

casa herradura 27

(Non existence of conveyor belts meant that the product was transferred from one process to the next by smartly using gravity and slopes)

casa herradura 28

                         (old distillation equipment)

casa herradura 29

(One of the famous tunnels which served as an escape route during the Cristero War)

casa herradura 30

(Barrels meant to store tequila – they have signatures of famous people who visited the complex)

casa herradura 31

                                         (Autographed barrels)

casa herradura 32

                                     (Tequila barrels)

casa herradura 33

                  (The tequila express train seen through the trees)

casa herradura 34

                          (The tequila tasting area/courtyard)

casa herradura 35

                       (An ancient Mexican carriage on display)


Items: Casa Herradura Factory (official website)

Location: Calzada del Carmen 82, Centro, 45380 Amatitan, Jalisco, Mexico

Timings: check with Cassa Herradura

Telephone: + 52 33 3942 3900

Type: Tourist/Cultural/Food

How to get there: Drive from Guadalajara, or take the Tequila Express train from Amatitan (official website)

Language: English guide may be present at the distillery, otherwise Spanish

Also visit nearby: Guadalajara, Lago de Chapala



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