Swaminarayan Temple, Chicago

On the western outskirts of Chicago, stands an architectural and design marvel. The milky white Swaminarayan Temple of Chicago virtually transports you across the globe, and you will feel as though you are visiting one of the famous monuments of India. Built with limestone from Turkey (which was shipped to 2000 craftsmen across India to be hand carved) and marble from Italy and India, the temple is a combination of highly aesthetic Indian design and modern technology. There is no cement/mortar used, all structures are pieces that are interlocked with each other. You can read more about the 1700 volunteers it took to complete this temple and other statistics here. The temple is a great destination for people who want to experience a tranquil and peaceful environment, look at the wonderful intricate hand carvings, or simply try some good Indian food/snacks. It is somewhat of an offbeat destination, not seen in most travel brochures or itineraries. But it is truly a hidden gem for anyone visiting Chicago. Below are pictures of the temple:

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A few things to keep in mind:

Dress appropriately. Shorts/tank tops are probably a no-go, you are going to a religious place after all, so modest/conservative dressing is the way to go.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple.

Also, as with any Hindu temple, you will have to remove your footwear before you go in. There are provisions where you can keep your footwear.

Please respect the rules of the temple and if in doubt, ask one of the friendly staff.


Official website: http://chicago.baps.org/

Address: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, 1851 S Rt 59, Pramukh Swami Road, Bartlett , IL 60103 USA

Phone: (1) 630 -213-2277


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