Day 8 – Dinner at Caribe Latin Kitchen

It was our last night in Queenstown. Our time in this vibrant ski-town had absolutely flown past us before we even knew it. In spite of doing activities non-stop for the past 2.5 days, we somehow felt like there was still a lot more that we wanted to explore. Among that exploring was trying out the myriad of restaurants and cuisines that Queenstown has to offer. We had made a list of places that we wanted to go to, and one of them was the Caribe Latin Kitchen. Latin food had been a bit of a hit and miss in our previous attempts in Wanaka and Christchurch, so we were a bit unsure about trying out another latin food place, that too for our last meal in Queenstown.

As we were walking around in Queenstown Mall checking out various shops and restaurants, we came across a small shop which had reggaeton music playing. Though not apparent from far away, we realized that this place was in fact the Caribe Latin Kitchen, upon closer inspection. We decided to go in and check out the menu. The inside was like a hip cafe, with colourful walls, sombrero hats and friendly latin owners (they were from Venezuela). This was the song playing in the restaurant, in case you are interested. There was a narrow table with bar stools where one could sit and eat. On the main counter, we noticed some authentic South/Central American beverages like Inca Cola, Jarritos Mexican Soda and more. There were also a range of hot sauces on the counter. They even used genuine queso (cheese in Spanish). This place looked like the real deal.


                         (entering the Queenstown Mall area)


                             (colourful and vibrant ambience)


                                 (authentic imported products)

We ordered a vegetarian Arepa, a vegetarian Quesadilla, and a Tamarindo soda (tamarind flavored soda). The portions were snack-sized; one person could eat both the dishes if hungry. The food itself was as colourful as the ambience of the restaurant was, and with some of the hot sauces, the taste was fab! The arepa bun was toasted to perfection. For someone looking to eat spicy and flavourful food, the Caribe Latin Kitchen is the place to go to. The food here is a polar opposite of the typical high-end “Kiwi” food restaurants, which often served relatively bland food (in our experience at least). The Caribe Latin Kitchen, along with Fergburger was the best food place we experienced in Queenstown. I recommend this joint as a must for anyone visiting Queenstown. Just be careful with their spiciest hot sauce, as it is really really spicy (that is coming from an Indian).


             (arepa on top and quesadilla on the bottom)


                           (the best mexican soda)

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