A weekend in Vadodara – Breakfast in local style!

After a long first day in Vadodara, we woke up the next morning and decided to try out some local snacks for breakfast. The Gujarati cuisine is very well known throughout the country for its snacks and Farsan (side dishes). Just like the Dosa is synonymous with South India and sweets are a tradition in Bengal, Farsan and snacks complete the Gujarati cuisine. Hence, we knew that any Gujarat trip would be incomplete without trying out some local Farsan staples. And when we mean local, we did not just eat the usual Jalebi & Fafda. Instead, our hosts took us to a few local Farsan shops and we picked out interesting items. Our only two rules of thumb while putting together our breakfast were: 1) No packaged food  2) Only items which were hot and freshly prepared that morning.

vadodara snack farsan items

                     (clockwise starting from left – khandvi, dhokla, kachori, patra, idra, 2 corriander-mango chutneys)

Breakfast time is usually between 8:30 am to 9:30 am. So we headed to our first farsan shop, Payal Farsan, at around 8:30 am. But we soon realized that Vadodara wasn’t Mumbai. Things were a lot more slow paced there, and we were not able to pick-out all our breakfast at one store. The reason being…..because they were still cooking them! However, we were lucky enough to buy some khandvi and khaman dhokla. The khandvi was cooked in a simple manner and the dhokla was steamed. Nothing was fried – which was brilliant because we were eating healthy (compared to a lot of the food that we saw during our trip, this was way healthier).

Wanting more local delicacies, we tried our luck at another famous store, Jagdish Foods (not to be confused with the more well known Jagdish Farsan). But that store hadn’t even opened yet and it was almost 9 am! Not the ones to give up so easily, we headed to our third store of the morning, Sukhadia at Alkapuri. We got lucky there as not only was the store open, but also they had everything ready and cooked. We picked up some patras (steamed, not fried), some idras (also steamed) and the famous kachori (this was the only fried item we purchased). This wasn’t just any kachori, but a kind which one can only find in Vadodara. It’s stuffing was made from green toovar dal (also known as pigeon pea).

With our collection of local Farsan delicacies, we headed back to our host’s house to enjoy our local breakfast. The best part about the meal, apart from the delicious taste, was the fact that all items were clean and hygienic, they were cooked in a healthy way, and we could eat a lot of it without feeling stuffed. What better way to start your day in Vadodara than getting some classical Gujarati breakfast.

If you want to truly experience Gujarati cuisine, then I highly recommended that you try these Farsan items. Below are the shops which I went to. They were all located in the well known central area of Alkapuri.


Khandvi & Dhokla – Payal Farsan

Address: 10,Navrang Society, Opp. Avanti Chambers, R.C. Dutt Road, Alkapuri,Vadodara-390005

Phone: 0265 2322462


Kachori, Patra and Idra – Sukhadia Khambhatwala Sweets and Snacks

Address: Darpan Apartment, 4, RC Dutt Rd, Near Express Hotel, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007

Phone: 0265 234 2872


Jagdish Foods




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