Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant – Singapore

Located on Upper Dickson Road, close to the vibrant district of Little India, Gokul offers a stunning array of dishes that are unlike anything else in the world. The most unique thing about Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant is that all the food is vegetarian and cooked without onion or garlic. So, whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a Jain (satvik food), Gokul is sure to leave you impressed. Being a vegetarian restaurant, people might get the impression that this is just another vegan cafe with “healthy” food big on the “go green” movement. But you will be sorely mistaken for thinking that way because Gokul has become especially famous for attracting meat lovers with its “vegetarian meat” dishes. Vegetarians and meat eaters travel from far to eat dishes like Claypot Fish Head Curry, Mutton Masala, Char Kway Teow, and Chicken Rice. These dishes are made in such an innovative way that even though they are vegetarian, they apparently taste just like the real thing according to the meat eaters.

We went there on a Thursday night, right after landing in Singapore and checking into our hotel. We walked to Gokul from Hotel 81 – Dickson. At about 8:30 pm, the place was almost packed. There was only a small 2-seater table vacant and we were seated there. Larger groups had to wait at least 15 mins. The menu that we were handed by our friendly waiter had plenty of items on it. There was south Indian, north Indian, local noodles, Peranakan food, Indonesian dishes, Chinese delicacies, and a special section on mock-meat dishes. The mock meat (like fish, chicken, mutton) is actually made of soy, wheat, and dried vegetables. We felt a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. We ordered the Char Kway Teow, as it is a famous noodle dish at Gokul and a popular local delicacy in Singapore. Along with the noodles, we went with the Indo-Chinese dish of Gobi Manchurian. For drinks, we ordered a cold coffee and a chocolate milkshake.

drinking water at Gokul Singapore

                                     (drinking water kept on every table)

The food arrived in about 10-15 mins after ordering and the service was prompt. The Char Kway Teow was just perfect. It had the classic charry burnt flavour of a “Char” noodle dish, but the flavour was not overpowering at all. Other flavours of the soy sauce, tofu, and the vegetables fused together very nicely. The flat rice noodles were just what you would expect in a “Kway Teow”. The Gobi Manchurian was served in an interesting pot. The cauliflower pieces were fresh and warm. They were covered in thick Manchurian sauce and garnished with coriander leaves. The Manchurian flavoring was not too spicy, as may be the case when you order this dish in India. It was full of flavour.

Char Kway Teow at Gokul Singapore

                                                 (Char Kway Teow at Gokul Singapore)

Gobi Manchurian at Gokul Singapore

                                                        (Gobi Manchurian at Gokul Singapore)

The cold coffee was not great. It had very less sugar and lots of ice. The ice probably diluted the coffee flavour. The chocolate milkshake, on the other hand, was pretty good. It was not a thick shake like the McDonalds chocolate shake, but quite “chocolaty” in taste. As we were exhausted from all the traveling throughout the day, we decided to go easy with our dinner and did not order any dessert. But, I have to say that the desserts on the menu looked quite tempting, especially the Sago Gula Melaka (a Peranakan desert). Perhaps something to try on a future visit.

Cold Coffee at Gokul Singapore

                        (Cold Coffee at Gokul Singapore)

Chocolate Milkshake at Gokul Singapore

                 (Chocolate Milkshake at Gokul Singapore)

Interestingly, I forgot my bag at the restaurant and only realized it late at night. It was too late by that time as everything had shut down for the day. I called up Gokul the next day (from Universal Studios) and they still had my bag! I picked it up later that evening. So, from my personal experience, Gokul not only serves amazing food, but they are also honest and kind. Some other items that we would like to try if we visit again are the Mutton Masala, a bowl of Nonya Laksa, Nasi Lemak rice, chicken rice (a Singapore classic), and perhaps some dessert.

Go to Gokul if you are ever in Singapore. It is one amazing restaurant.

2 thoughts on “Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant – Singapore

  1. […] The noodles were freshly tossed and stir-fried. The beancurd dish was great because it was actually used to replace eggs. The omelette-like pieces in the curry were actually made of beancurd! The star attraction was the vinegar-infused vegetarian meat with black beans. While this dish may not be to everyone’s taste, if you like vinegar then this dish is a must. The sauce was great with the sourness of vinegar, the savory flavour of soy sauce, and a slight kick of ginger. I would definitely visit SHU Vegetarian again if I visit Singapore in the future. It serves excellent local Chinese cuisine and is in the same league as Gokul. […]

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